Monday, September 25, 2006

Erin Samuels

Gentle Reader,

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Erin has developed a lovely playful mean streak. Like the time she laughed at Claude who passed out on the floor from exhaustion…

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Or the time when she compared Bud in his astronaut uniform to an elephant.

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Unfortunately, Erin has also developed a liking for a certain youngster named Aston Dante. How many more Dante children are there? I had thought she had her eye on one of the Vega boys, but they lost touch when he went off to the university.

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Aston’s intentions are becoming clearer, and as admirable as Erin believes him to be, I may have to intervene. I do not know if I can handle a third Dante in this family. At least he isn’t a Burton. I believe I have Bronx’s phone number written down some where.

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Interesting, Aston has picked up a few pointers from his big brother and my son-in-law Leeland. He has left Erin a lovely gift after their dream date. Where do these Dante’s get their simoleans? Perhaps it’s wiser not to ask such questions.

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At last Erin is ready to leave home to further her education at Aridia University. As much as I will miss her in the next four years, it may be just what she needs to distance herself from that Aston Dante boy.

Be blessed,



Blogger Beans said...

Awww she's starting to go through Empty Nest Syndrome. Don't worry tho. It'll be filling right back up again. hehe.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

What is it with her kids and the Dantes? Too funny, at least it isn't a Burton!

12:19 PM  

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