Friday, September 22, 2006

Jefferson page 2

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Jefferson noted that the home venue can be troublesome at times… case in point, waking up to find two men in his bedroom gawking at his wife giving birth to their first born was a bit unorthodox.

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I'm more concerned with Sasha's OCD. After giving birth she promptly put their new born son on the floor so she could make up the bed.

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My first born son has given birth to my first grandchild. Meet Ozzie Nielson, my adorable porcelain grandbaby. The years are catching up to me. Its hard to believe my oldest children have graduated from the university and here they are making me a grandmother. My, oh my he looks just like my Jefferson when he was an infant; they both have my Jeff's eyes.

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Blogger Beans said...

Wow Jefferson & Sasha make really beautiful babies!

11:08 AM  

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