Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jackie’s turn

Gentle Reader,

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Jeff has started making visits to the homestead. He seemed to sense Jackie’s knowledge inspired desire to interact with the afterlife and paid her a visit.

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I have met, befriended and invited Clyde Daily to move in. Thankfully he is not a college dropout, rather he is a Judge in our fair city and came with a notable dowry.

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Jackie has worked hard getting scholarships. I have decided the local college is not worthy of my first born; instead she will attend the private university. I have given the greatest gifts a mother can bestow on their child. I have birthed her, guided her, taught her and now I give her the opportunity to make her own choices. She has been a wonderfully obedient child, an inquisitive treasure of a teen and I look forward to seeing the woman she is to become.

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Dan has always been rather weak minded and in his current state very vulnerable. I mentioned to him the invigorating feeling after using the refresher. Naturally I failed to mention the need of high aspiration in order to safely use it.

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Ah the after-effects of an aspiration apparatus gone awry.
Sleep well Dan, sleep well.

Be blessed,



Blogger Beans said...

Ahhh Jeff. *sigh* Still cute, even as a ghost. And wow what a dowry Clyde brought with him! *hearing the sound of money*. Bye Bye Dan.

10:55 AM  

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