Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sixth strand of webbing

Gentle Reader,

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Bud came home from work having achieved something no other husband of mine had. He has made it to the top of his career and was promoted to General. Now I realize Jeff Nielson was at the top of his career as the Mayor, he was Mayor when he moved in. Bud received this honorable promotion while living here. That in itself is a rather large accomplishment.

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Aaron made his appearance last night. He wandered aimlessly about the homestead, stopping periodically searching. What he was searching for I don’t know.

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That same night something rather unexpected happened. Erin abruptly announced she was leaving for Aridia University immediately. While I knew her intention was to leave by the end of the week, it wasn’t until after she left I knew why she would not wait.
Is it even possible Aaron knew what had happened? Could that be why he waited outside and walked with his daughter to the cab? He was always very fond of the children, he may have been a failure as a husband, but he was a good father.

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During one of Bud’s outings downtown he must have met up with the Countessa. I didn’t even know they had met, he had never mentioned her to me before. I just know that night he came home a vampire. While I will admit Bud makes one devilishly handsome vampire, I wonder how he intends to keep his job as General.

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It is obvious Bud had not thought this whole vampire idea through. Everyone knows a vampire belongs in a coffin, should sleep during the day and avoid sunlight. Even sunlight coming through the window is too much for him.

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Daniel is not doing too well. I believe my feelings towards Daniel, while he was a youngster, have had a negative impact on him that I will not duplicate with Claude. He is behind in his home work, his needs are extremely low and he opted to grow up early in hopes of rejuvenating himself in time to complete his homework and still make it to school on time.
As adorable as Daniel was a toddler, as handsome as he was as a child, he did not grow up to be a good looking teen. Alas, he tries so hard to fit in with our Widow looks. I will have to talk with Daniel and make him understand that he does not need to try so hard in order to be a part of this family.

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