Sunday, October 15, 2006

About Strand Nine

Gentle Reader,

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During my visits downtown I met up with this rather distinguished gentleman named Sonny Day. He is so different from the mindless men who have paraded themselves in and out of my life thus far. He is older, mature, dashing and a traditionalist.

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Unlike the young men of my past, this gentleman insisted we be betrothed before he would partake in the thrills of romance and woohoo making. This makes for a nice change of pace. Following the nuptials I took a chance and posed the same question to Sonny that I had to Jake. Thinking I would have to wait for a response, I was taken aback by his sudden soft laughter. With a sparkle in his eye and a smile playing on his lips the man declined my offer. Infuriating man… I will see him suffer for this.

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I bide my time painting images of my forbidden love, Quavi. Planning my next move, my next step, I want to play with my puppet. Sonny has established a routine within the home and I find it disconcerting.

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The twins Jorge and Josie have transitioned to toddler status, Jayne has become a lovely teen and Buffy is off at Aridia University. Apparently there is some young man there she has been obsessing over for some time and he is waiting for her at that Greek House established by my first choice of men for Erin, Bronx Vega.

Be blessed,
Negrita Widow-Forrester-Nielson-Samuels-Gattis-Daily-Fox-Hudson-Gomez-Day



Blogger Rachel said...

Isn't the new option for painting awesome! You would think someone would notice a painting of her making out with Quavi though.

4:27 PM  

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