Friday, October 06, 2006

A Good Morning

Gentle Reader,

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Morning has come, the children have gone off to school and I venture outside to care for Avery. I would speak with Jake once he is ready. He is to give me his answer this morning and I find myself apprehensive and nervously giddy at the prospect of what today could hold for us.
Only I will never know Jake’s decision, or if he even had decided.

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At some point between last night’s ponderings, sending the children off to school and my walk to the backyard to feed Avery. Jake must have gotten a bit peckish.

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I suppose I have only myself to blame. I have been so distracted between Claude’s recent interesting behavior, this pregnancy and Avery’s care; I must have inadvertently left the gate unlocked.

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Pondering this latest incident, a thought occurs to me. Perhaps this actually is Jake’s answer. Could he have been even more morbid than I? Is it even remotely possible? Or perhaps the prospect I had presented to him was so loathsome to him he chose eternal death and…

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No, I will not over think this. I will do as I always do, take his passing in the spirit it is presented to me and accept this loving gift from my Avery. Jake’s passing is obviously a sign he was not worthy of the life given to him. He was weak as were the others.

Be blessed,
Negrita Widow-Forrester-Nielson-Samuels-Gattis-Daily-Fox-Hudson



Blogger My Boaz's Ruth said...

Do we not get to learn what this question was?

10:57 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

HUm, I wonder if Jake was more morbid than her? I liked this update a lot

12:47 PM  

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