Friday, October 13, 2006

The Eighth Strand

Gentle Reader,

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I’ve invited General Gomez to live with us. His reaction was not quite what I was expecting although the end result was predictable.

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I must say Jose’s dowry is the most impressive to date. I have given a number of the items to Buffy to take with her to college and her new life outside this home.

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It always amazes me the power a show of affection can have on a man’s will. A kiss, a caress and he is putty in my hands.

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My belly expands with my unborn child. I revere the feel of her restlessness to be born in to this world. As I absently rub the swell, I wonder to myself is this a boy I’m carrying or is this a girl… what he will look like, who will she take after, will he be handsome, will she be beautiful, will she look like Jose, will he have my porcelain skin, will she become a pawn in society or will he be strong and take control of the homestead releasing me… the unknown, its always the unknown that intrigues me and keeps me going…

Be blessed,
Negrita Widow-Forrester-Nielson-Samuels-Gattis-Daily-Fox-Hudson-Gomez



Blogger Rachel said...

That sure is an impressive dowery

4:24 PM  

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