Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Wedding

Gentle Reader,

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The day before the wedding Aston did something. Something I can not get my head around. Till the day I leave this place and am put in the family burial plot I will never understand. Aston was tired of his constant drive and obsession with simoleans and thought a change would be beneficial. If becoming obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches is what he considers beneficial, then he accomplished it.

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Aston has gorged himself upon grilled cheese sandwiches and must shed a few pounds in order to squeeze in to his tuxedo.

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Erin will naturally want to start on a family immediately. She has switched from natural science to a top-secret researcher; she wants to be a mad scientist.

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Aston is a disgusting pig, yet my Erin wants to marry him. I will never understand these two. As long as he is good to her and she is happy.

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