Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wedding page 2

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We have arrived for the ceremony. It will be somewhat small, by who’s standards, I don’t know. A few handpicked guests and a wedding crasher. Guests in attendance: Jefferson, Bronx, Franz, Liza, two boys from university, myself and the wedding crasher, Scorpio.

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Jefferson and I were a bit bored after the ceremony and to liven things up a bit, he hit me… with a pillow! Now he’s never been so bold and it took me by such surprise and well, it was, dare I say, fun.

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Aston took pleasure in feeding Erin her first bite of the cake. I don’t understand the purpose of this barbaric ritual. I know my Erin, Aston will pay for that insult.

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The festivities over the newlyweds are off. What is the purpose of a honeymoon? Woohoo at home in bed or a hot tub, downtown in a photo booth or changing room is still as stimulating and exciting as going to some remote place. Unless of course they woohoo in the car, that is wasted woohoo time spent traveling.

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A few days after they returned from their honeymoon, Erin invited me over. She had some big news. Naturally this means she’s pregnant. Erin is fascinated with family life, it could be nothing less. The circle is coming around again. From life comes death, from death comes hope for future life.

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I was right, Erin is pregnant. She says she finds waddling around in her pajamas most comforting and has cravings of grilled cheese. Which I suppose is a good thing since it is all her husband Aston will make anymore.

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I have a another grandson, Anthony Widow-Dante. For a romance sim, Leeland took the birth surprisingly well.

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Be blessed,
Negrita Widow-Forrester-Nielson-Samuels-Gattis-Daily-Fox-Hudson



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I love how perplexing the wedding rituals are to her.

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