Sunday, October 01, 2006

Erin Page 2

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Erin naturally accepted Aston’s proposal, got a new wardrobe and a new look to start her college life.

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I find this relationship intriguing; true they are officially engaged, yet they will continue on a dating level and not further their relationship in a physical way until after graduation and marriage. Why would they deny themselves? Children today, I just don’t understand them.

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Erin is back home, she has finally come to tell me what her plan is. I have waited so long for her arrival and I grow weary. I have managed to keep up the charade of dating Jake Hudson. I’m constantly surprised at the lengths these men will go in order to obtain woohoo. Jake has witnessed me giving birth to my daughter Buffy and yet he continues to date me.

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During her studies, Erin read some where about a new plant life called a Laganaphyllis Simnovorii or Audrey? Or was that just the name given to… regardless of the name or origin of this plant/animal, Erin will pursue a job within the natural sciences in order to obtain one for me.

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In the meantime, all I need to do is marry Jake Hudson or Quavi Robbins. These two are the only men of any interest to me at this time. I have already decided who I will pursue.

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It took almost a week of patient searching of the want ads and just as I was giving up hope, Erin landed her desired position within the Natural Sciences. Our newest addition to the family; meet Avery. He’s simply delightful!

Be blessed,
Negrita Widow-Forrester-Nielson-Samuels-Gattis-Daily-Fox



Blogger Rachel said...

AVery, gotta love cow plants for these sorts of challenges. Darn lunch is over, I'lll have to wait to see who she picked!

12:35 PM  

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