Saturday, September 30, 2006

Erin's Plan

Gentle Reader,

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Erin suggested I date again. I am highly pregnant with Bud’s baby; I don’t have the energy to pursue another lover. I have called my friend the gypsy for a blind date. It will be much easier on me to have my next husband presented to me. The date was going well until I went in to labor. Apparently Buffy did not want to wait until the date was over to be born.

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My sweet Buffy, she is so darling. Seeing her smooth porcelain skin, I have decided to talk to my pink boys. Its time they claim their place in this family and stop trying to be something they are not. They are Widows even if they are not porcelain and they should not be ashamed of their pinkness even if initially it was I who was appalled by their coloring.

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Claude with his lovely eyes and pointed ears has taken this talk to heart and wiped the silly paint off of his handsome face. He’s a lovely boy who favors his father.

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Daniel realized his bad luck with the ladies was more than his lack of experience and removed the black lipstick, got contact lenses, threw out the hand-me-downs from his brothers, got a change in clothes and started working out. He still has no girlfriend, yet he feels better about himself, has won scholarships and is considering a move to the university soon.

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Speaking of university, Erin had made it into the Ugh Greek House started by her best friend Bronx Vega and promptly made contact with Aston Dante. Against my wishes, my headstrong daughter invited that boy over to further her relationship with him. Much to my dismay, Aston’s feelings for Erin has not changed.

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No sooner did Aston move in to the Greek House with her, he proposed marriage. They are so young with so much life ahead of them. Why do they insist on rushing ahead… no, I should not dispair, Erin is a clever girl with family aspirations, and it’s in her nature to want a family life.

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